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Last updated at 12:39 pm UTC on 6 August 2009
(should probably just be merged with the Databases and Persistence page, which is the master page on this topic)

and databases, have a look at:
Databases and Persistence
Persistent Distributed Objects
SPrevayler prevalence layer, based on the idea that all data is kept in RAM
Database Access why we need a better access
MinneStore OODB written entirely in Smalltalk
SqueakDBX An openDBX wrapper that let us communicate with major RDBMS trough a common way.
GemSqueak Squeak Client for GemStone/S
Magma object database
Roe Relational Object Expressions
ODBC for Squeak Very simple framework.
SqDatabase An pre-alpha database using BerkeleyDB.
Magritte to MySQL mappings