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OpenOffice Importer
Last updated at 1:38 pm UTC on 4 April 2004
Author: Diego Gomez Deck

This is a very simple importer of OpenOffice documents.


Squeak is the new media. To be the new media Squeak has to give us the option to convert a lot already created documents.

OpenOffice is an open source, multiplatform office package and its format is well specified and it's based on XML and Zip (see http://xml.openoffice.org). OpenOffice includes a lot of good job to handle propietary (example: M$ Office) formats so, importing OO format, we'll able to import really a lot of content.

How one document (SampleText.sxw) looks in OpenOffice

Uploaded Image: document in openoffice-small.jpeg

How the same document (SampleText.sxw) looks in Squeak

Uploaded Image: document imported in squeak.jpeg

How to get it

How to use it