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Updated SmallBlog
Last updated at 1:31 pm UTC on 14 July 2018
This is a historical page of 2004. It is also about the beginnings of Seaside.

Since the SBlog Challenge, I've been working on updating the SmallBlog code a bit to improve some of the usability issues people have had with it.

I don't have an official release of the new code yet, but interested parties should be able to get it up and running with the following installation instructions:

1. Get a Squeak 3.6 image. 3.7a won't work until some of the bug fixes for the Chronology package get incorporated.

2. From the Package Loader, install KomHttpServer and MCInstaller.

3. Download the following two packages. The first is an alpha version of Seaside 2.5, the second is a development version of SmallBlog:

4. Find the downloaded files in the File List and Load them. You need to load Seaside before SmallBlog.

5. Start the Seaside server by executing
 WAKom startOn: 9090
in a workspace (you may wish to choose some other port than 9090).

6. Point your web browser to http://localhost:9090/seaside/config . Where it says "add entry point:", type "blog" and hit Add.

7. Under Configuration Ancestors, click the "remove" link beside WAControllerConfiguration. Then pick SLConfiguration from "Add ancestor" and choose Add.

8. Under "Authentication" are the Admin password and username for the blog. You may wish to click "edit" beside these to change them from the default values.

8a. If your blog is going to be accessible from the outside world, you need to configure which hostname it will be accessed through. Under "General", enter a value for your Server Hostname. If the blog will live somewhere other than port 80, you should edit the Server Port value as well. If you are just testing from localhost, you can leave Server Hostname blank.

9. Click "Done" at the bottom.

10. Now point your browser to http://localhost:9090/seaside/blog/admin . You will need to enter the admin username and password you chose in step 8.

11. Click "Create a new blog". Choose a short name for the blog (this will appear as part of the URL). For example, I might choose "avi".

12. Enter a title and description for the blog. Enter a username for the owner of this blog (each blog you create has a separate username and password for the owner).

13. Click "Change Password" to set up a password for this user. Enter and confirm the password.

14. This blog is now configured. You can access it at http://localhost:9090/seaside/blog/[blogName] - for example, http://localhost:9090/seaside/avi . You can add new blogs by repeating steps 11-13.

15. To post new items to the blog, you must login as the blog owner using the link at the bottom of the sidebar. Then use the New Story link at the top.