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Last updated at 12:28 pm UTC on 17 January 2006
XOTclIDE (read XO-Tcl-IDE) is a non-Smalltalk reimplementation of Squeak's out-of-the-mainstream way of code development.

XOTclIDE is an IDE that reuses most of the concepts of Squeak in another language.

XOTcl is an OO-extension of Tcl, which was modelled after LIST CLOS (Class List Object System), which was modelled after Smalltalk.

I have programmed with Smalltalk for 2 years and have also played with Squeak. The experience was so good that I have decided to reimplement many of Squeak's concepts in XOTcl.

Moreover, I have added some functions that I have found missing in Squeak:

XOTclIDE lives in the Tcl world (sorry for polluting this swiki) but might be interesting as curio for some squeakers. It is also a good example for the cross-transfer of concepts in computer science.

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