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Version 4 Scope of Work
Last updated at 12:31 pm UTC on 17 January 2006
Note the following items are all up for discussion. The list is not complete, nor does the presence of an item mean we've decided to include it.

Clean up a number of ugly patches in Version 3

Simplify and generalize a few aspects of Version 3

(tpr- Best do some benchmarking to see if it is advantageuous before relying on this)

Facilitate a number of anticipated extensions to Squeak

(Is anyone else interested in an Version 4 Scope of Work a-la VisualWorks 7? -avi) (yes -dph) (yes -cmm) (Yes!! -mrm) (Yes -kjw) (Yes!! Please! -m3r)


The internal representation of a file name is mapped to the OS dependent one. There is a working version, but the mechanism for this in current implementation isn't quite well integrated with URI stuff. –Yoshiki)

New sources format