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Holger Schuh
Last updated at 8:18 pm UTC on 1 November 2006
Like some pages I've seen before this one will be dedicated to a student's struggle with this fascinating creature called smalltalk and its even more fascinating offspring squeak.

My background:
I've been trying programming for 4 years and the first time I heard about squeak was 3 weeks ago. Since then I've been both fascinated and frustrated. Fascinated by the elegance of this language. And frustrated and overwhelmed because it took and takes some time before I get a grip on where to start. And I fear it will take some more time before I can claim to know how to squeak. And that is partly so because howto's are not overly abundand.

The places I went to seek knowledge:
Introductions to Squeak go there first and don't get lost ... well, you'll do anyway .... but you'll learn a lot.

Just tried scripting: why the hell are there different tiles for sender and reciever ? Why aren't they context- sensitive?

Finished my exam two days ago. :) So now it's time to make some money and to make some use of that education I've been given.
Squeak, networks and examples ... if you are looking for some introduction to Server and Client. It's so breathtaking simple ...

I got a job :) ! Feel great.
Playing around with scripting was fun. And I think it helps to understand squeak. Right now I think the best way to learn squeak is to play around with it. And for playing around drawing and scripting are just the right things to do.
I guess one of the reasons why there are so little howtos is that you can look at everything. When I want to do something in squeak my first guess was and is still "ask google". Which is wrong. I bet my first guess should be "ask squeak".

Try this:
jack := MPEGDisplayMorph new.
jack openFileNamed: '/path/to/file.mp3'.
jack startPlaying.
You can play video too, of course.

List of Key Bindings: http://www.mucow.com/squeak-qref.html#UsingBindings
(From FileDirectory :) To get a list of files in a directory do:
dir := FileDirectory on: '/path/to/dir'.
(dir entries) "contains directories and files"
(dir fileNames) "contains only files"

Just in case you feel insulted, oppressed or want to help : holger@holgerschuh.homelinux.org