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BFAV2 Release 2.11 / 2.12
Last updated at 12:37 pm UTC on 17 January 2006

BFAV has been replaced by the Mantis Server

The information on this page is maintained only for its historical value.

Next release: BFAV2 Release 2.30 Prior release: BFAV2 Release 2.10

Bugs/Fixes and Ehancements in BFAV 2.12 (for 3.9)

1. [BUG] Magistrello Alejandro (BFAV 22710) Make DecentReviewerNotePad use the AppRegistry stuff to find a MailSender rather than hard-coding a reference to SMTPClient.

2. [FIX] Incorporate Ned Konz's BFAVRealWindows-nk changeset (BFAV 22799). This depends on MoreWindowColorFixes-nk, which will be part of 3.8alpha

3. Ken Causey: Make it even clearer that users must not install BFAV2 directly. Rename the package to 'do not install me (BFAV2 base)'?

4. Ken Causey March 05, 2004 Problem with attachments with exceedingly long names. Make a FITBM pop up & say "Er no that's too long. Here's my suggestion & stuff" - fill in the FITBM with a suggested, munged, name. Loop until we get a name with length 35.

5. Ken Causey March 05, 2004 [ENH] HeaderFolding-klc Push for this inclusion in the image.

6. Tom Koenig 5/9/04 I noticed that BFAV had 5 senders of hideScrollBarIndefinitely which I'd like to clean up.

7. More tests! First up: a mock mail client so we can test #send (and thus check Frank's BFAVCloseGroupCancel-fbs changeset).

8. Incorporate the culled bits of Ned's 5960MoreUnimpRemovals-nk (FileResource changes).