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Exupery send optimisation plans
Last updated at 12:46 pm UTC on 17 January 2006
Sends are the current area being worked on.

Things to do for send optimisation:

I don't think that blocks will provide much benefit until after inlining has been added. Most common uses of blocks have already been inlined by the bytecode compiler. Adding them early just creates more code to maintain, they should be very similar to sends so there aren't really any new concepts for the compiler.

There is one problem with adding blocks: where to store the return address. There's an empty field in MethodContexts but there isn't one in BlockContexts. I can think of two solutions, either create new compiled context objects or use a context cache. The context cache could contain extra values.

The key thing to think about with BlockContexts is to try and use the same machinery that inlined methods will use. Creating new compiled context objects is a nice way to introduce inlined methods. The interpreter would need to be extended to handle unexpected contexts but it could send a message to the context which could decompile it if needed. I don't know how exceptions fit into all of this.