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Last updated at 11:10 pm UTC on 9 July 2009
SqueakSource is the smart Monticello code repository server to host your projects. You connect to it with Squeak's Monticello client to commit and load code. SqueakSource also implements a web-frontend which makes it easy to create and admin your projects or browse other public projects. Detailed instructions can be found on the Help page. (From the original SqueakSource announcement by Adrian Lienhard and Lukas Renggli.)

SqueakSource Servers

How to

Installing SqueakSource
Run a local SqueakSource server
SqueakSource Server image


This is data from 18 October 2006 from www.squeaksource.com.

Downloads - Versions

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Number of Downloads (x-axis) - Number of Versions (y-axis) - Authors (radius)

Projects - Authors

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Projects (boxes) - Versions (inner boxes) - Authors per Project (color)