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Dwight Hughes
Last updated at 4:02 pm UTC on 14 January 2006
Email: dwighth at ipa dot net

I am a longtime Smalltalk enthusiast, beginning with the BYTE August 1981 Smalltalk issue. I've been a Squeak enthusiast since I first found out about it in January, 1997.

Come visit my website at http://www.ipa.net/~dwighth/ – I have the Implementation section (Chapters 26-30) of the Blue Book (Smalltalk-80: The Language and its Implementation; Adele Goldberg, David Robson; Addison Wesley, 1983; ISBN 0-201-11371-6) online at http://www.ipa.net/~dwighth/smalltalk/bluebook/bluebook_imp_toc.html, along with Dan Ingalls' Design Principles Behind Smalltalk paper from the August 1981 BYTE at http://www.ipa.net/~dwighth/smalltalk/byte_aug81/design_principles_behind_smalltalk.html, and more goodies.

A few of my thoughts on Squeak can be read in part of Squeak's Place in the Universe.