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Shared Recipes
Last updated at 10:03 pm UTC on 11 October 2006
I wish this old idea could be completed and enhanced by all Squeakers.
(Note: there is an email with attachment on this subject)

This a resume of Shared Recipes.

What about all things what daily we do and forget to write ?
Ways of doing different things what don't remember ?
A centralized Help system for Squeak ?

As using BookMoprhs gave me some problems , I tried to come up with another solution.
I can have several compressed texts in grouped together in a directory. The file format is text only.

Uploaded Image: Help.jpg

The code is in alpha stage.

Usage instructions:

MiStack reloadMeFromDisk 

lets view a previous saved .


I know this need polish and thanks all but help
I add this modification what lets you have Command 6 styles saved on "cards"

Sunday, 14 November 04

Very thanks to David N. Smith and your Hypertext Fileout and tutorial , whats inpired me to do this mod.

Monday 27 Dec 04


Example files, put them in the directory you have chosen for keeping