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Test First Development
Last updated at 1:39 pm UTC on 23 September 2006
A record of a conversation with wBryce regarding test-first development of Exupery

11:16 < wBryce> First I write a bunch of customer tests defining the feature. They all live in the class ExuperyStoryTests. There are 5 tests that cover the size primitive.
11:17 < wBryce> Then I choose one that I want to get running. I run it, it fails. I write a developer test to define what the first module needs to do.
11:18 < wBryce> Then I run that test, when it needs a method that doesn't exist, just hit create in the notifier, that creates the method.
11:19 < wBryce> It's very common for me to write a test one night, then get it running the next evening.
11:21 < wBryce> I'll probably write up something better about developing Exupery, but I don't know when.
11:21 < wBryce> I've got a series of blog posts on debugging Exupery.

the blog in reference is http://people.squeakfoundation.org/person/willembryce/
More information is at http://www.kampjes.demon.co.uk/articles/exuperyTesting.html