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Last updated at 12:09 pm UTC on 7 October 2019
Subclass of WebMessage

 WebMessage subclass: #WebResponse
 	instanceVariableNames: 'request status code url'
 	classVariableNames: ''
 	poolDictionaries: ''
 	category: 'WebClient-Core'

 Object subclass: #WebMessage
 	instanceVariableNames: 'stream protocol headers content'
 	classVariableNames: 'StatusCodes'
 	poolDictionaries: ''
 	category: 'WebClient-Core'

Represents a HTTP response for WebClient/WebServer.

September 2019:
Disable preference on Microsoft Windows so that System updates work for the first try.
 —– Method: MCHttpRepository class>>useSharedWebClientInstance (in category 'preferences') —–
	<preference: 'Use shared WebClient instance'
		category: 'Monticello'
		description: 'When true, use a shared WebClient instance to speed up downloads from MCHttpRepositories. Requires WebClient to be present.'
		type: #Boolean>
	^UseSharedWebClientInstance ifNil: [
		"The is some issue on Windows, so don't use it there by default. See http://lists.squeakfoundation.org/pipermail/squeak-dev/2019-September/thread.html#203921 for details."
		Smalltalk os platformName ~= 'Win32' ]