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Last updated at 8:02 am UTC on 25 December 2004
This is a heavily simplified version of WorldState@drawWorld:submorphs:invalidAreasOn: . If you need a accurate idea of the message, look at the original code. This is just to show what messages are sent to the Morphs in the drawing stage.

WorldState@drawWorld: aWorld submorphs: submorphs invalidAreasOn: aCanvas 
  "Redraw the damaged areas of the given canvas and clear the damage list. Return a collection of the areas that
  were redrawn."

  "Now paint from bottom to top, but using the reduced rectangles."

  aWorld drawOn: aCanvas. "Draw the World (just the world morph(background), no submorphs, ) "
  aCanvas fullDrawMorph: morph . "Draw a Morph"

Canvas@fullDrawMorph: sends -misty paths- Morph@fullDrawOn: which is (simplified)

self drawOn: aCanvas.
self drawSubmorphsOn: aCanvas.
self drawDropHighlightOn: aCanvas.
self drawMouseDownHighlightOn: aCanvas.