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Last updated at 11:03 pm UTC on 11 September 2016
Class comment:

Tells a piece of text to be a certain way.

Select text, press Command-6, choose a attribute. If selected text is of the form
Hi There
the part in angle brackets is saved for action, and the Hi There appears in the paragraph. If selection has no angle brackets, use the whole thing as both the text and the action.

TextDoIt – eval as a Smalltalk expression (the part in angle brackets)

TextLink – Show a method, class comment, class hierarchy, or class defintion.
, , , or are what you type.

TextURL – Show the web page.

These attributes of text need to be stored on the disk in a regular file-out. It is done in this form: Hi There
in the text, and a Run containing dSmalltalk beep;;
Click here to see the extent:
in the text, and a Run containing method LPoint extent:;
See RunArray class scanFrom: where decoding is done.

TextColor is a subclass of TextAttribute.
TextEmphasis is a subclass of TextAttribute.