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What to do: "Last BFAV update failed: FileDoesNotExistException"
Last updated at 7:27 pm UTC on 11 December 2006
Question: October 04, 2004 BFAV was working... It is now dead.
1.If I install BFAV from SqueakMap into a fresh 3.8 image (6297) and then open the BFAV client I get:
Last BFAV update failed: FileDoesNotExistException:'D:\Squeak\38\email-file-repository\bfav.squeakfoundation.org\listing'
There is however a listing.zip in that directory.

2. If I manually extract the listing file and try to 'load updates...', I get
Last BFAV update failed: MessageNotUnderstood: UndefinedObject>>
If I then click on a post, I get:
Couldn't find email file with id 24928
Answer: Ken Causey Try exitting BFAV (within the image) and then closing the image. Delete the listing.zip file and then restart the image and then BFAV.

Answer: Stefan Matthias Aust [This may have happened because]We published a faulty update ... This has now been removed from the unstable stream. So you need to re-update a 3.8a-unstable with an update number smaller than 6281 to get a working version.