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Last updated at 12:38 pm UTC on 10 May 2017
This morph represents a URL for a SqueakPage. It displays the thumbnail for the associated page, if available. Used in page sorters and for bookmarks.

This morph has several options:
a. It can act like a thumbnail for sorting (in which case it can be picked up and dragged) or it acts as a bookmark (in which case shift clicking on it activates it).
b. If it has book set to true, it is a page in a book. Clicking fetches the index of the book, opens it to the first page, and puts it in the hand.

A thumbnail on a known book:
	(URLMorph grabURL: 'ftp://doltest1.disney.com/squeak/test/p1.sp')
		book: true.

A thumbnail on a single PasteUpMorph:
Make a PasteUpMorph with any morphs in it.
Decide where it should live, make a url string, and copy it.

Choose 'Save as Web Morph'
Paste in the url.
Drop the resulting thumbnail into some morph.

See SqueakPage's comment for the stages of in/out.

 page 		A SqueakPage
 isBookmark 		Boolean
 book 	A Boolean – whether I represent a whole book or a page.