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Stephan B. Wessels
Last updated at 12:42 am UTC on 14 December 2009
I live in Omaha, Nebraska. My current employer prefers I not mention their name on any web pages where I'm also making contributions to open source software.

Before living in Omaha I lived in Cincinnati Ohio and worked at SDRC (now a business unit of EDS). Before that I worked for ObjectShare (formerly ParcPlace-Digitalk) and before that, Digitalk. I was a senior technical specialist and regional manager in Professional Services at Digitalk.

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I've been working with Smalltalk since 1989 beginning with Smalltalk/V Mac. I very much enjoy writing tools for Squeak.

This is my personal home page http://www.preeminent.org/steve
My Squeak work can be found here

Home e-mail mailto:stevewessels@me.com