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Torsten Bergmann
Last updated at 6:13 pm UTC on 3 June 2013
Torsten Bergmann (also called Cronos) is author of the Smalltalk Online Books at: http://www.astares.de/DIGITALIS. There is also his Squeak Online Book available.

You can get more informations about him on his Homepage or Blog. He is also a member of the German Smalltalk User Group (GSUG) and helped at the first Camp Smalltalk San Diego. (http://camp.smalltalk.org/)

Email: torsten.bergmannATastares.de (see http://www.astares.de/)

He helps developing Smalltalk/MT and is also working on a free IDE for S#/Smallscript. See http://www.astares.de.

His Squeak and Smalltalk activities include: