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Last updated at 6:35 am UTC on 14 February 2017


Follow up project implemented in Cuis.



MathMorphs is a project where Mathematics and Squeak are combined. Our goal is to explore and promote the use of Smalltalk as a major tool in the mathematical work. "Work" includes studying, teaching and research; three forms of the same activity of understanding.

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While all implementations of Smalltalk are equivalent for doing Math in a pure object environment, the spirit of Squeak as an open project is close to our own idiosyncrasy. Also, as the name of our project suggests, the Morphic interface to Squeak plays an important role in our work and the way we like to think in Math.

Visit our web site at: http://www.dm.uba.ar/mathMorphs

And we have a dedicated swiki

See also EnEspanol for more information on the Smalltalk User Group of ARgentina (SUGAR).