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Upload Swikis
Last updated at 11:12 pm UTC on 24 May 2007
An UploadSwiki is a Swiki that allows uploads of files. See http://pbl.cc.gatech.edu/myswiki/229 for more information and for downloadable code. That is actually an Upload Swiki, so you can try it out there.

There are some known bugs yet. Help on addressing these would be great!

Should we turn the Squeak Swiki into an Upload Swiki? It's an easy thing to try, and it's reversible. Mark Guzdial

Yes, This would be very useful. There have been complaints in the mailing list about the proliferation of attachments. An upload Swiki would be perfect. I suspect that we could customise our images to do automatic code updates for particular projects that we are interested in. I have found ftp uploads to uiuc to be a bit tedious - besides, we need a place to put successive versions, not just the final product.


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