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Carl Gundel
Last updated at 4:26 pm UTC on 14 January 2006
Carl Gundel

I've been doing Smalltalk since 1988, and still gaining speed! In particular I'm thinking a lot about where the new cutting edge is in OOP ideas, and Squeak seems to be the one to watch.

I was blessed with the chance to teach Smalltalk to a few hundred people online at Ziff-Davis University. I decided to write my own curriculum for the course. This was a great experience, and I would recommend to anyone that they teach Smalltalk because it forces you do understand things more completely.

More recently I've been submitting some code to the Squeak base (with my cohort Chris Norton), and some of it has been incorporated. ;-)

I have my own shareware business. My software is written in Smalltalk, what else?

Reach me at carlg@libertybasic.com