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Laird Popkin
Last updated at 4:26 pm UTC on 14 January 2006
Laird Popkin has been programming in assorted flavors of SmallTalk for about a decade, though not too much recently. (A mixture of Java and PowerPoint...)

On the positive side, I've been running a Swiki for about a year, and am very pleased with it. The site is http://www.popkinhartel.com, running on a Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh and a cable modem. I love all three bits of technology for their elegance. OK, the cable modem isn't elegant, but it delivers 100K-1M bps (depending on the condition of the Internet and the server) for $40 a month.

Feel free to visit.

Update: I'm now at http://www.sothebys.com where we're running a Swiki for the advanced technology group to do planning, etc.
The home site is down until I move it to http://swiki.net. I am testing the usability of swiki from a palm with a wireless modem. it is a little awkward. I will have to change the templates, I think.