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Adding fonts
Last updated at 10:41 am UTC on 7 August 2017
In the newer versions of Squeak (2.7 and beyond), you can simply go to the "appearance..." menu and select "system fonts...", and choose a new font. (This only works from the Morphic world menu.) – Doug Way

For more font info, see Fonts.

Or, to do it the old-fashioned way...

From: "Andrew C. Greenberg"
Subject: Re: [Q] Changing Default Display Font in Squeak
Resent-From: squeak@cs.uiuc.edu

> I want to change default Squeak font NewYork(?) to Comic Plain. I like this font but I do not know where I can change this. Yes, I know per window by window using menu, but what I want to do is change all the display fonts in my squeak.

Again, I'm just a newbie, but so far as I can tell, ParagraphEditor looks to the TextConstants, which is a global dictionary, for an entry entitled #DefaultTextStyle.

Setting this to the desired TextStyle appears to be most of what you want to do, to wit:

   TextConstants at: #DefaultTextStyle put: myTextStyle
Be aware that the New York fonts do not have their own entry in the TextConstants dictionary, so you may want to copy them to such an entry before replacing (TextConstants at: #DefaultTextStyle) with the TextStyle for Comic Plain. On my base system 2.3, the following seems to do most of what you wanted:

  TextConstants at:  #NewYorkPlain put: (TextConstants at: #DefaultTextStyle).
  TextConstants at: #DefaultTextStyle put: (TextConstants at: #ComicPlain).
You can test this out by opening new windows, and paragraph text will begenerated in Comic Plain. You can restore the old settings with:

   TextConstants at: #DefaultTextStyle put: (TextConstants at: #NewYorkPlain).
Another side-effect of the addition of a TextStyle to TextConstants is that the TextStyle will thereafter be incorporated into the Command-Shift-K select-a-style menu.

I'm sure more elegant explanations and advices coud be given, but I'm just a Squeak baby. Since noone else offered an answer, I offer this for what its worth.

see How to find methods used in a menu

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