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Last updated at 1:53 pm UTC on 12 May 2018
dispatchEvent: anEvent with: aMorph
	"Dispatch the given event for a morph that has chosen the receiver to dispatch its events."

        "The method implements a shortcut for repeated dispatches of events using the same dispatcher."
	anEvent type == lastType ifTrue:[^self perform: lastDispatch with: anEvent with: aMorph].

	"Otherwise classify"

	lastType := anEvent type.

	anEvent isMouse ifTrue:[
		anEvent isMouseDown ifTrue:[
			lastDispatch := #dispatchMouseDown:with:.

			^self dispatchMouseDown: anEvent with: aMorph]].

	anEvent type == #dropEvent ifTrue:[
		lastDispatch := #dispatchDropEvent:with:.

		^self dispatchDropEvent: anEvent with: aMorph].

	anEvent isWindowEvent ifTrue:[
		lastDispatch := #dispatchWindowEvent:with:.

		^self dispatchWindowEvent: anEvent with: aMorph].

	lastDispatch := #dispatchDefault:with:.

	^self dispatchDefault: anEvent with: aMorph