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Squeak Branches
Last updated at 11:33 pm UTC on 3 September 2004


Craig Latta I was motivated to create a Smalltalk system that had only what it needed to start and extend itself, so that newcomers could install and run the system quickly and easily.

Squat is derived from Squeak. It uses a reduced version of flow, a streaming and networking framework, and other (as in "self and other" :), a remote message-sending framework. Key to the small size of the snapshot is the ability to unload compiled methods and method dictionaries on demand, swapping them back in automatically and seamlessly from an update server
The 1 alpha 8 release is available. http://netjam.org/squat


Masashi Umezawa May 04, 2004 SeeThroughTalk status?
Actually, SeeThroughTalk has never been announced officially. So, you are jumping the gun. ;) The development is now progressing very slowly. This is mainly because I'm very busy writing Squeak book in Japanese.

But our team will never drop the project. We hold a meeting in every week.

Now, we are doing some refactoring. The proto was developed in a very quick way, and it changes very low-level of the system codes. So, it has to be modularized for easy maintenance and installation. Our modularizing tasks are producing some utility codes. For example, RMT was originally a communication core of the SeeThroughTalk.

Also, SeeThroughTalk includes NetMorph enhancements. They will be applied to the new version of NetMorph. After finishing my writing, I'll be back to the development.

you can play with the 'alpha' version. ftp://swikis.ddo.jp/SeeThroughTalk/demo/SttDemo040227.zip
Feedback is always welcome!