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Last updated at 7:47 pm UTC on 12 February 2018

See: http://www.squeakland.org/about/

Etoys was developed in a fork of the Squeak main branch and now has been merged back in 2016.
Current status

If you're interested in the Etoys scripting system and its uses in education, you should look at the Squeakland web site. There are tutorials and a number of other resources there for your use.

You should also get the Squeakland release from that site rather than the releases discussed here if you're primarily using the Etoys environment or working with kids.
Currently work is in progress in the Squeak 6.0 image for a new version.

Etoys on the OLPC

Did you know that Etoys and therefore Squeak runs on the OLPC?


see Etoys on the OLPC

Etoys in Chrome webstore

Etoys earlier notes

Getting Started with Etoys / User Scripting
Game programming with Etoys
How to access Smalltalk tools in an Etoys image
Squeak Smalltalk TiledMaps package