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Last updated at 11:41 pm UTC on 20 November 2013

An Introduction to the Inspector

The inspector allows you do examine and make changes to live objects in the system.

Prerequisite - or what you should know before you come here.

Before starting this tutorial you should be familiar with and comfortable in the Squeak environment. Specifically you need to know how to select items on the screen using the mouse and how the red, yellow and blue mouse buttons are selected on your mouse.


In this document the term click is to be interpreted as red click.

Let's get started

You've now created a live instance of the Class ScriptableButton. Go ahead and click on it. You'll notice the morph change color while the mouse button is down and return to its original color when the button is released.

The Inspector

Now we'll open an inspector on this morph. To do this we will bring up the morph's halo.
Uploaded Image: halo1.png

Uploaded Image: inspect1.png

Take a moment to examine the labels in the left hand column. If you click on a label its value will be displayed in the right hand pane. Lets click on self. This displays this morph's information Now click on submorphs. You should see #(a StringMorph(nnnn)'Flash') (note: The nnnn wiil be replaced by an number which is an internal identifier of the object) . This shows that this button morph has one submorph which is a StringMorph and that this StringMorph contains the string Flashe. Where have we see that string? It is of course this buttonmorphs label.

Uploaded Image: button1.png
Uploaded Image: inspect2.png

Uploaded Image: button2.png
Uploaded Image: inspect3.png

More to come