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Relicense Policies and Assuptions
Last updated at 2:31 am UTC on 26 August 2009
Fill this in and submit it to the SFC


Etoys Policy

Pharo Policy

Core assuptions regarding the creation of the Audit

Things we are pretty sure about:

Adapted from http://installer.pbworks.com/LicenseAuditing

What is a license-clean image?

Things we are not sure about

15:28 <kencausey> !Number methodsFor: 'mathematical'!
15:28 <kencausey> reciprocal
15:28 <kencausey> in contrast to
15:28 <kencausey> !Number methodsFor: 'truncation and round off' stamp: 'yo 8/22/2008 16:48'!
15:28 <kencausey> integerPart

Things we know are wrong but assumed anyway

Should fill in why these are wrong, and why we went with them anyway