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Exupery 0.06 release
Last updated at 4:56 am UTC on 8 March 2005
There are really two major directions for the 0.06 release. The first is finishing the core architecture, this would provide faster sends and blocks. The second is improving the reliability so it would be sensible to run Exupery as a JIT.

It wouldn't be wise to run Exupery as a JIT because it's currently missing a few features:

The options are:

The issues are:

Support for blocks, improving at:, and inlining require a single architectural change however this change could be introduced gradually.

It would be nice to have a fast flexible implementation for at: and at:put: because they tend to be used in inner loops. The problem is finding a quick way to select the appropriate at: code and execute it quickly. My best idea is to use PICs to select a specialised version of the primitive. Compile a version of the primitive for each receiving class then use that.