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Squeak License FAQ
Last updated at 2:51 am UTC on 19 March 2008

Why are we so interested in changing the license?
There are several reasons:
  1. SqueakL is not an open-source approved license
  2. This prevents us from joining the Software Freedom Conservancy and achieving 501(c)(3) non-profit status.
  3. This also prevents us from being included in several linux distributions, notably Debian
  4. People don't like having to know about weird licenses, and SqueakL has some serious weirdness
  5. Finishing this project will give the board more time to concentrate on more important things
Why MIT, and not GPL?
Squeak was always intended to support commercial development, and MIT license is much more commerce-friendly than GPL. Also, GPL is a long, complicated license, and it is not at all clear what it means in squeak, where there is no concept of linking.
What is being done to change the license?

What can I do to help?

What methods need to be changed?

What's up with the license?
Why should I care?