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Summary: Monticello 2
Last updated at 2:03 pm UTC on 4 July 2007
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What problem is being addressed

Monticello 2 addresses the problems we encountered with Monticello 1. They mostly stem from a common cause: its unit of versioning, the package, is too coarse for many situations that arise in normal development.

How it solves the problem

In Monticello 2, the unit of versioning is individual program elements - classes, methods, instance variables, etc. This means that Monticello 2 can be used to version arbitrary snippets of code. These might correspond to packages, change sets, or any other method a programmer chooses to separate "interesting" code from the rest of the image.

What's cool about it

MC2 is much simpler than most versioning systems, but still quite powerful.


Static Design

Dynamic Design


Active Blog


The currently active repository is http://www.squeaksource.com/Monticello2/. Please first load Monticello2 then MC2-Squeak.

Pieces of code

Committing a PackageInfo to a file-based repository

"Commit a PackageInfo in a file-based repository"
packageSlice := MDPackageInfoSlice named: 'Test'.
packageSlice saveFrom: MDWorkingCopy default toFileNamed: 'myRepos'.

Committing a slice

packageSlice := MDExplicitSlice named: 'mySlice'.
packageSlice addElement: (MDMethodElement className: #MDExplicitSlice  selector: #truc).
packageSlice saveFrom: MDWorkingCopy default toFileNamed: 'myRepos'.

Loading a slice

repository := MDFileRepository
                named: 'myRepos'
                do: [:repos | |memo snapshot versions|
                         memo := repos memos detect: [:each | each sliceName = 'mySlice'].
                         snapshot := memo getSnapshotFrom: repos.
                         versions := snapshot getVersionsFrom: repos.
                         versions do: [:version | MDWorkingCopy default loadVersion: version]

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