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Summary: RubyGems
Last updated at 9:30 pm UTC on 11 March 2005
Reported by David Hopwood

What problem is being addressed

Main features (from the wiki page below)

- Remote installation of packages
- Dependency management
- Easy and reliable uninstallation
- Querying features, local and remote
- Can have multiple versions of the same package installed
- Web-based interface to view the documentation for your installed gems

How it solves the problem

See http://rubygems.rubyforge.org/wiki/wiki.pl?Quick_Introduction.

Useful links


For coherence I think the author should write the sections above this line.
People can add what they want to these later sections, and can suggest that the author change the rest.

What's cool about it

According to Bill Sun at http://lists.tunes.org/archives/slate/2005-March/thread.html:

Has anyone tried out Ruby and RubyGems? I've played around with it for
a brief period of time, and although did not find the Ruby language as
spectacular as some people claim it to be (maybe it's because I tried
Smalltalk first?), RubyGems is something that really opened up my eyes.
Compared to my experience with SqueakMap, RubyGems is much easier and
problem-free to use and deal with.

What's not

RubyGems is "dead code" (scripts and text files), not live code
as in SqueakMap. So the features it accomplishes could be done by
extending SqueakMap's framework, but not vice versa.


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