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Last updated at 12:33 am UTC on 24 January 2020
The Sophie[1] Project was created by the Institute for the Future of the Book, attached then to the Annenberg Centre of the University of Southern California. You can still find a little information about this from http://www.futureofthebook.org/sophie/

Sophie's raison d'Ítre was to enable people to create robust, elegant rich-media, networked documents without recourse to programming. Sophie's media book building tool was based on Squeak using Tweak. A lot of really interesting work was done but as is so often the case things went wrong when money-minded people got their hands on it. USC bosses decided to have it rewritten in a serious language (java! hah!) by cheaper contractors. Who, of course, never produced anything usable. Perhaps the most lasting result of the project was the Host Windows Plugin for squeak, aka Areithfa Ffenestri
Here is a moderately explanatory screen shot-

and a pdf with a bit more description -

[1] The name is one of those weird things in project history. We needed a name and couldn't come up with a meaningful one. So I (Tim Rowledge) suggested a definitely not-sensible name pro tem, and put forward 'Sophie'. Why? Well, back then I still used an Acorn RISC OS machine as my daily-driver; the ARM was designed largely by Sophie Wilson.QED.