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Last updated at 10:23 pm UTC on 24 February 2017
Please add / modify to define who the omniuser is.

see also "Fake scripting"


Alan Kay wrote back in 2001...
> That just happens to be what we've been working on the last several
> years. From the beginning we envisioned three "views" of the system.
> We now call them "etoys", "omniuser", and "expert". The "omniuser"
> view is the "superhypercard view". Both the etoys view and the
> omniuser view have special attention to syntax and the amount of the
> system that is seen by the user. The omniuser view has taken a long
> time because of the amount of functionality needed (it runs from
> hypercard like things to multimedia scripting like things), and
> (more) because of the difficulty of documentation and support.

The Squeak support for building active essays is called the "omniuser interface". This interface should not require a full programming degree, but it is acceptible if it requires roughly as much time as it takes to learn written composition. Thus it should be accessible to omniusers, i.e. almost everyone.

Our plans have been to have at least three sites, one for each of the authoring environments in Squeak that we've been working on. So:

Squeakland.org is primarily for children, parents and teachers who use "etoys"
SqueakOmni.org is for "Omniuser Squeakers" – sort of from Hypercard to Lingo and beyond
Squeak.org is for "Expert Level" Squeakers – the bolts, nuts and guts of the system

The middle site and the middle authoring environment are quite a few
months away from birth.