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Janitor: BFAV process reference
Last updated at 7:18 pm UTC on 27 March 2007
updateMe. This information is out-of date. See Reporting Bugs and Fixes and How to find known bugs
mergeMe into Reporting Bugs and Fixes, How to find known bugs, Historical: Reporting Bugs and Fixes

Pages which link to this page probably need to be updated to reflect the new Mantis bug reporting process.

Other notes...

Harvest Master Tools I don't know how updates are managed now so this page is a big "?". Can we ask Doug to rewrite this? I marked it with the usual notification about Mantis.

Ken Causey - The problem is that even HOW to write this is a big question mark at this time. We have not yet developed a new harvesting process yet.

http://www.squeak.org/documentation/ - references the mailing list as the bug reporting source. Actually the reference on this page doesn't seem so problematic on a second look. Unless anyone objects I'm not going to pursue having it changed.

Ken Causey - I added a parenthetical note referencing the Mantis Server as the new preferred reporting mechanism.

http://swiki.squeakfoundation.org/squeakfoundation/86 – BFAV process references. I can't edit these pages. Anyone know who can?

Ken Causey - I have a strong suspicion that this whole swiki is stale and no longer in use. I've contacted the relevant people to see if maybe this swiki should simply be deleted.

Update: There's an ongoing discussion about the future of this swiki (the one above, not minnow) and whether or not it will continue to exist. I will take care of this one depending on how that discussion goes but it may take a few days.

http://map1.squeakfoundation.org/sm/package/6962f398-645d-4e6e-a2d0-78dc15337a57 – I advised Andreas

http://bugs.impara.de/proj_doc_page.php is empty but referenced in several places

Ken Causey - As we discussed, it is not in fact empty. I'm open to suggestions on how to improve this but I'm rather limited in what I can do to the page.

Thanks Ken. I'm going to leave it alone now that I understand the nature of the page.