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Last updated at 1:54 am UTC on 3 January 2006
Built with AardWorks Gossip and wxSqueak, Kolibri is an application for the exchange of files, organized in communities, and the exchange of discussion threads about these files.

Files are organized in communities, can be related by Relations, and both Files and Relations can be commented on (recursively).

Info and source files can be found on Squeak Source, look for Digital Society for the Past. You can download a run-time (no changes file) installer from http://dgv.aardworks.nl/dailybuild.html or fetch the source code (top-level package: DGVwxUI) from Squeak Source.

After loading in a wxSqueak (0.4) image, to 'DGVApplication launch'. This should bring up the user interface in English...

Obligatory screenshot:
Uploaded Image: Kolibri Screenshot.png