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SqueakPages #2
Last updated at 10:24 pm UTC on 8 December 2006
Starting with version 2.3, any collection of graphical objects may be stored on a server and shared with other users. BookMorphs are a kind of book simulation, and have multiple pages. Each page can have any layout of Morphic objects. BookMorphs are normally used inside one Squeak image, but now they can be written to a file server. Other users can read, modify, and store back the pages.

Pick a directory on your hard drive or on an FTP server. Type and copy the url beginning with either file:// or ftp://. Each page is in a separate file. The url should end with myBook1.sp.
In your BookMorph, the <> control brings up a menu.
Choose "save all pages on server" from the book's menu.
Choose "use page numbers as files names"
Paste in the url
The book is sent to the server, and the unseen pages are removed from your image.

Another person can open your book by:
executing (BookMorph grabURL: 'ftp://server/folder/myBook.bo')
or by navigating to myBook.bo in the FileList window and choosing "load as book". (New servers may be added to the list there.)

When you get a book, modify any page and add morphs.
All saving must be done explicitly by you.
Choose "save this page on server" in the book's menu.

If time has passed and you want to see what others did to the book, choose "reload all from server". This reloads the index, and brings pages in only as you turn to them.

Obscure restrictions:
If you have a BookMorph inside a page of a BookMorph, please save the inner one first. I'm trying to figure out how to automate that.

If the pages of your book share Players between them, the pages cannot be written to separate files. In this case, please choose "keep in one file" in the BookMorph menu. You can't store the book in the usual way, but you can store the container it is in.