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Stylized Text and Links in Source Code
Last updated at 10:23 pm UTC on 8 December 2006
Remember the discussion after OOPSLA about better documentation and navigation? Thanks to the work of Ted Kaehler, this version of Squeak allows creation of hyperlinks in text, and preserves them (and most text styles) in source code and class comments! This makes it possible to document Squeak more effectively than before, as you will see from the limited examples in the Sample Documentation window. Links can be created using CMD-6, and they can deactivated by selecting (with an extra leading character, or from back to front) and using CMD-0. Here is an example link: Text.

We hope over the next month or two to rewrite all class comments to take advantage of this new capability and establish a real "backbone" to Squeak's on-line documentation. You will notice a new switch in the browser, suggested by Scott Wallace, that facilitates access to class comments for just this reason.

If you never put links or emphasis in your source code, everything should work just as before. FileOuts may include style information after each method. If you need to bring a new fileOut into an older system, read the file 'readFileinsWithStyle.cs' into your older system first.

Please seriously consider using HTML for this instead. It is already supported in Squeak, it is one of the few global standards, it works well, sources are sources, that is texts that can be edited on any editor, it includes formatting material without unnecessary physical detail (color, fontsize). No research is needed, all the work is already done.

This will lead to the need of a HTML-editor in Squeak. That is good for other purposes as well. It will also make it easier to view material in a Squeak image as a part of the web.
Mats Nygren
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