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Image Size
Last updated at 10:21 pm UTC on 8 December 2006
We have intentionally included more features with the Squeak 2.2 release than most people will use. If space is of concern, many of these facilities can be removed to produce a considerably smaller image.

We are in the process of sanitizing and automating this removal process. Right now, you can execute the following to achieve the approximate savings given...
Smalltalk discardVMConstruction. "663k"
Smalltalk discardSoundSynthesis. "330k"
Smalltalk discardOddsAndEnds. "228k"
Smalltalk discardNetworking. "261k"
Smalltalk discardMorphic. "2,231k"
The above altogether saves around 3.5 megabytes. Executing
Smalltalk majorShrink
will do all the above and more and should yield a final image size of around 800k. There will be loose ends in that image that may cause errors when you attempt to use facilities that have been removed, but this is usually not fatal.

Want to squeeze Squeak into a PDA? After executing the above shrinking routines, you can go on to execute
Smalltalk abandonSources.
This will compile method temp names into a compact trailer on every method, allowing the entire system to be browsed by decompiling with temp names preserved. While comments are not available in system code after abandoning sources, all the code you write will be preserved properly in the changes file, so that you can upload it to a full Squeak when you return from your backpack trip.

is a source for the latest shrinking code and a small resultant image. As of this writing, there is a derivative of Squeak 2.2 there (mini.image) that is under 580k. It can can browse over 850k of formatted source code with no other files needed. Think of it as source code compression with a full-fledged development environment thrown in for free. This image includes an editor, compiler, source code browsers, file system, Floats and LargeIntegers. Mini.image can run in 1MB on many PDA's (interpreters are avialable for Cassiopeia, HP320LX, etc.)

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