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GSOC IRCBot Project Chat 2008-05-09
Last updated at 11:18 pm UTC on 9 May 2008
May 09 16:48:40 –> fstephany (n=fstephan@235.199-242-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be) has joined #squeak-gsoc
May 09 16:59:21 <fstephany> kencausey, while being at a boring conference today, i thought about the administration of the bot
May 09 16:59:58 <kencausey> Yes, I've been giving that some thought also
May 09 17:00:38 <kencausey> I think we need to have a pluggable admin authentication architecture
May 09 17:00:42 <kencausey> Or at least design it with that in mind
May 09 17:01:01 <kencausey> For Freenode it is posible to verify if a particular user is both logged in and is an op on a channel
May 09 17:01:16 <kencausey> But the method is a bit awkward and probalby not portable to other networks.
May 09 17:01:39 <kencausey> I'd like to try to enable authentication through IRC as much as possible. Especially for channel specific administration.
May 09 17:01:50 <kencausey> s/authentication/authentication and administration/
May 09 17:07:18 <fstephany> yep managing the bot from irc is certainly the best way to do that
May 09 17:08:18 <fstephany> managing it from a web app could solve the problem of authentification
May 09 17:08:31 <fstephany> but it is maybe less irc-friendly
May 09 17:10:07 <kencausey> Yes, I think there probably needs to be at least a minimal web accessible administration interface.
May 09 17:10:21 <kencausey> But the day to day should be through IRC
May 09 17:10:32 <fstephany> definitely
May 09 17:18:09 <kencausey> So are you working on IRCBot yet?
May 09 17:18:20 <kencausey> I mean in the sense of either coding or writing up design ideas?
May 09 17:18:46 <kencausey> I wanted to suggest that for the first actual functionality that you concentrate on an infobot
May 09 17:18:57 <kencausey> At least a basic one is easy to do and useful
May 09 17:19:34 <kencausey> So you could get a quick first version up and in use at least in #squeak and have testing going on and people trying to kill it
May 09 17:20:12 <kencausey> I suggest we have two lives bots up pretty quickly, one that is actually in use at least in #squeak and publicly available.
May 09 17:20:23 <kencausey> This one will only have code that we feel pretty good about.
May 09 17:20:38 <kencausey> A second one would only listen to this channel and maybe you me and Matthew
May 09 17:20:56 <kencausey> This one would have the latest stuff and be more risky.
May 09 17:21:08 <fstephany> good idea
May 09 17:21:50 <fstephany> I dont know when i will actually start to code on it
May 09 17:22:06 <kencausey> OK, if you would just let me know before you get going on it seriously
May 09 17:22:06 <fstephany> but ideas are always hanging in my head
May 09 17:22:13 <kencausey> sure
May 09 17:22:44 <kencausey> after we are done chatting here I will at least post a log of this on or linked to from our wiki page for the project
May 09 17:22:47 <fstephany> in the worse case it will be from the 12th June
May 09 17:23:17 <fstephany> (date of my last exam...)
May 09 17:23:52 <kencausey> OK< that should be alright, just note we expected to be something like half done by July 7th
May 09 17:24:21 <kencausey> clearly exactly what 'half' means is unclear and subject to debate
May 09 17:24:56 <kencausey> I think it's probably up to me to define it as I will have to evaluate you then. I would say effort counts more than anything. So not a problem.
May 09 17:25:05 <fstephany> do you think that we should specify exact schedule ?
May 09 17:25:12 <fstephany> ok
May 09 17:25:21 <kencausey> Well, no, I'm not much on detailed schedules.
May 09 17:25:38 <kencausey> Let's at least play it by ear until late June.
May 09 17:25:53 <kencausey> At that point we can see how it's going and then maybe decide to try to put a rough schedule together.
May 09 17:25:58 <fstephany> ok
May 09 17:26:35 <fstephany> sounds good
May 09 17:26:41 <kencausey> great
May 09 17:27:17 <fstephany> i know that we're not at this point now but where we'll we host the bot ?
May 09 17:28:10 <fstephany> I have a VPS and hosting a squeak image is something i'd like to try...
May 09 17:29:07 <kencausey> You don't have to worry about that, we have a community server and I run it.
May 09 17:29:14 <kencausey> So we can host it there.
May 09 17:29:31 <kencausey> Of course if you want to host one yourself during development that's fine.
May 09 17:31:14 <fstephany> great
May 09 17:31:25 <fstephany> sleep time for me
May 09 17:31:30 <kencausey> cool, good night
May 09 17:31:42 <fstephany> have a good evening
May 09 17:32:01 <– fstephany has quit ("Zzzzz")