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Source Code Updates
Last updated at 10:19 pm UTC on 8 December 2006
Tired of waiting months for the next release?

Now you can get code updates automatically loaded into any Squeak attached to the internet. Choose 'update code from server' in the 'help...' menu. (Wait. Or, have a Transcript open to watch the progress.) The Squeak team will be putting approved changes on two servers, one at UIUC and one at WebPage.com. Updates are numbered and are loaded in order.

Updates have really change the way we treat beta releases. If you have a beta release, be sure to get updates, because we often fix important bugs in the few days after a release.

It is actually possible to maintain a parallel version of Squeak from an older release. If you have a giant project that you don't want to move to a new image, just continue getting updates, and you will get the improvements of the new release. There is a risk. Things you are using may change out from under you.

Here's the full procedure, if you want to move a 2.1 image forward with continuity,

Good luck, and please let me know offline if you have any problems /or/ if it works for you (I am curious if anyone is trying to maintain independent forks).

We've been using Updates in our group at Disney for six months and it has really improved our productivity. Updates are an easy way to distribute changes to a group of people who all use Squeak. If you want to set up your own Update server for your own organization, please contact Ted Kaehler.

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