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Brainstorming and Engineering
Last updated at 10:18 pm UTC on 8 December 2006
The Squeak team works in periods of expansion, when we try new approaches and write lots of new code, and periods of reflection, where we re-factor, clean up and document (well... sometimes ;-). It is important for critics to understand that the morphic system and the end-user programming systems that are embedded in it, are still in an expanding brainstorming phase. We know that the clean morphic protocols have become a huge, confusing hodge-podge.

But this is important. Morphic is being taken in new directions, including flexing, scripting, and viewing. When we have gained experience with these new areas, when we have learned from working with some real users, then we will better understand the real kernel of this architecture, and we can return to clean it all up and cast it clearly in the metaphor that we don't fully understand right now.