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Scripting and End-user Access
Last updated at 10:09 pm UTC on 8 December 2006

Squeak Version 2 includes sketches of two entire end-user programming paradigms, intregrated with the morphic environment.

One is a wiring metaphor inspired by Fabrik, that allows simple component assembly to be performed the way you put a stereo system together. The implementation is just a toy (no real dataflow model or encapsulation yet) but you may enjoy the demonstration in Play With Me - 6.

The other is a tile-based interface that offers viewers and scriptors as iconic and active counterparts to Squeak's textual and more passive inspectors and browsers. It has been taken fairly far in a number of directions, as you may discover by following the introductory tour:
  • Programming in Morphic

    As an explorer of Squeak, you need to know that these environments are only sketches. We are excited about them. We are working actively on them. But they are not complete, they are not foolproof, and they are not well documented (but then what is?). We share them in the same spirit that we share Squeak: we invite you to play with us, to share our discovery, and perhaps to work with us as we move forward.