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New Features in 2.2
Last updated at 10:38 am UTC on 9 October 2017
Squeak 2.2. available on-line in a browser


NOTE: The Feature Lists are Being Updated
- di 4/25/99

Here is a summary of major improvements in the 2.4 release:
need to cull updates and summarize

Here is a summary of what was included in the 2.3 release:
need to cull updates and summarize

Here is a summary of what was included in the 2.2 release:
Continued improvements to the Morphic window system and scripting.
Three all-new network applications written entirely in Squeak
  • Celeste (a mail reader by John Malone)
  • Scamper (a web browser by Lex Spoon)
  • IRC chat (also by Lex Spoon)

    Support for looped sampled music timbres for high quality orchestral synthesis.
    Piano roll display for the MIDI player, and external MIDI output.
    Rejuvenated support for shrinking the Squeak system (see Image Size).
    A couple of new features in the VM, including
  • Better handling of delays (more accurate messageTallies)
  • Support for opaque as well as transparent cursors.
  • Support (on the Mac at least) for high-speed asynchronous disk I/O.

    Hundreds of other bug fixes and features.

    Here is a summary of what was included in the 2.1 release:
    need to cull updates and summarize

    Here is a summary of what was included in the 2.0 release:
    More responsive cursor tracking in Morphic
    Flex morphs (meaning any morph can be scaled and rotated).
    High-speed compression and a compact forms package
    We have improved Squeak's bitmap compression and compiled
    it into a primitive. It is possible to compress every form in the
    system, and only decompress when BitBlt acutally needs it.
    Project zooms
    As an option, when you enter a project it zooms visually.
    You can turn this off to save time and space, by choosing
    preferences... in the help... menu, and changing
    showProjectZoom to false
    A Mac interpreter that now supports full-screeen display
    Numerous Swiki tweaks
    Many numeric cleanups that have been discussed on the Squeak list
    A fast string comparison primitive
    Support for serial ports.
    Remote FTP access through the standard FileList.
    An automatic code update mechanism based on remote servers.
    Basic MIDI support in the VM. We are finishing the Squeak level
    access to these primitives with the goal that simple midi will
    be accessible in all Squeaks with very littel overhead.
    At the same time it is our goal to provide a compatibility layer
    that will allow simple upgrading to the much more
    comprehensive support available in Stephen Pope's Siren system.
    NOTE: The Comic Sans font included in this release is copyright: 1997 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Use is governed by the agreement found at
    Copies of this font may not be distributed for profit either on a standalone basis or included as part of your own product. It is our intention to replace this font with a public domain font in the near future.