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Squeaking in Japanese
Last updated at 5:44 pm UTC on 31 August 2008
The following instructions lead to a Squeak image that can properly display Japanese characters, and optionally have a user interface in Japanese. Copy/paste only works within Squeak, not to/from other programs. Inputting Japanese characters doesn't work, at least under Linux.

To get a Japanese-ready Squeak image, go to SqueakMap and load 'Japanese Environment Installer'. This installs fonts, etc. When it asks "Install localization patches", choose either はい ('hai', yes) or いいえ ('iie', no). Either works, and the immediately-visible results are the same.

At this point, you should have a Squeak image in Japanese, and a README pops up. To switch to a Japanese-capable image with an interface in English, follow the instructions there - 'do it':
Locale switchToID: (LocaleID isoLanguage: 'en').
Locale currentPlatform: (Locale isoLanguage: 'ja').

The README shows that Japanese fonts are working correctly; this can also be confirmed by opening Japanese files and viewing them. Japanese characters can also be copy/pasted within Squeak. The system font preferences are left unchanged; magic elsewhere in the system is responsible for displaying Japanese fonts, unlike Russian ones.