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Run a local SqueakSource server
Last updated at 11:46 pm UTC on 30 July 2007
THESE INSTRUCTIONS DON'T WORK! See Installing SqueakSource for the latest tested instructions Matthew Fulmer

Finally I managed to build a SqueakSource server image using the instructions from the project wiki of the "SqueakSource-SqF" project hosted
on http://source.squeakfoundation.org.

With this image you are able to run an own local SqueakSource server for your private projects or run a squeak source server on your companies website.


Uploaded Image: sqs002.png Uploaded Image: sqs001.png


Download from Cees' Squeak Images Page.

Problem Help

Depending on your local configuration the image may tell you the following error: "Could not load repository nor any backup"
In this case the data.obj file in the ss subdirectory may be missing.

Just evaluate "SSRepository storage saveRepository: SSRepository current" once and restart the image

Tips & Tricks


Many thanks to Doug Way for the instructions, the SqueakSource authors for this nice piece of Software, Cees for hosting and others who helped to make it available.

Torsten Bergmann, Dec. 2005