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Last updated at 9:52 am UTC on 6 May 2017
A Modern and Practical Smalltalk that Runs in Any Browser
Bert Freudenberg, Dan Ingalls, Tim Felgentreff, Tobias Pape, Robert Hirschfeld


We report our experience in implementing SqueakJS, a bit-
compatible implementation of Squeak / Smalltalk written in pure
JavaScript. SqueakJS runs entirely in the Web browser with a virtual
file system that can be directed to a server or client-side storage. Our
implementation is notable for simplicity and performance gained
through adaptation to the host object memory and deployment lever-
age gained through the Lively Web development environment. We
present several novel techniques as well as performance measure-
ments for the resulting virtual machine. Much of this experience is
potentially relevant to preserving other dynamic language systems
and making them available in a browser-based environment.


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