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MathMorphs port to 3.7 - 3.9
Last updated at 10:18 am UTC on 17 May 2008
MathMorphs port to 3.7 - 3.9

Edgar J. De Cleene asked volunteers to help with revival of MathMorphs http://lists.squeakfoundation.org/pipermail/squeak-dev/2006-May/104462.html: Several people responded, I will also try to help.
http://www.dm.uba.ar/mathMorphs is MathMorphs site at University of Buenos Aires, where MathMorphs were authored.

Below are 2 plots running in Squeak 3.9gama:

Uploaded Image: cardioid.png
Uploaded Image: theta-rho-plot-with-effects.png


Table below contains a list of all MathMorphs at their home page: http://mate.dm.uba.ar/~caniglia/mathMorphs.html, with a status of porting them to 3.9. The "Link to Latest Code" in the table below, unless said otherwise, is on the home page. First 2 Monticello packages are on squeak source.

PackageStatus in 3.9beta(what else do we target?) L="L"oads, S="S"ort of Works W=Works "W"ell3.9: Link to Latest Code, MCZ or Changeset3.7: Link to Latest Code, MCZ or ChangesetComments
0) MorphicWrappersWMonticello format on MathMorphs Revival http://squeaksource.com/%40UJEpxPlmryfiLvQr/dHCBovZf 3.9 ready .cs.gz below.
1) Linear Algebra (several versions it seems) L-3.9b 3.9 ready morph.gz below
2) ModularIntegerx 3.9 ready morph.gz below
3) MonomialOrderings / Algebraic Geometryx
4) PhysicsMorphsx
5) MetricSpacesx
6) Fibbonacix
7) Sequencesx
8) Function PlotterW Monticello format on MathMorphs Revival http://squeaksource.com/%40UJEpxPlmryfiLvQr/dHCBovZf
9) Projective Geometryx
10) Converter to TeXx
11) Dan Ingalls "MathMorphs Compatibility package"x
12) Graphs and Turing Machinesx
13) Finite Groupsx
14) Sturm PlotterxSturmPlotter zip exists on the site - but it has the wrong case on the link, replacing ZIP with zip downloads it. The name is sturmpl0.zip
15) Vibrating Strings Morphx
16) Algebraic Geometry (related to 3?)L (not tested yet)
17) Probablilitiesx

Milan Zimmermann