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Lisp Interpreter (4.2)
Last updated at 12:18 am UTC on 13 December 2011

This is how you run a Lisp interpreter in Squeak 4.2

by Stephen Smith

From the apps menu select SqueakMap Catalog - this will open a SqueakMap Package Loader


With LispKit still selected, click the Install button. This will download the latest version (89 at the time of this writing).

Once the install is complete, a README window will pop up with examples of how to run a Lisp interpreter.

Type this in a workspace and DoIt (Cmd-D) (or simply highlight it in the README window and DoIt):

CLisp openNew

A green CLisp window like this will appear:


Try out some Lisp code:

Note: after typing your functions in the top half of the window you need to select them and do a Cmd-S (save) for the function to be loaded in the REPL.